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Music Together ®

Early childhood music & movement classes for kids age 0-5yrs and the grown-ups who love them!

See what families say about Music Together!


Did you know that all children are musical? Humans are born as sound-makers and movers and a child's musical development is directly influenced by their exposure to and experience with music! Parents and care-givers are their child's first music teachers. Seeing the grownups who love them actively involved in music-making, regardless of their musical ability helps children acquire the disposition to become music makers themselves!  


• An internationally recognized early childhood music program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and     the adults who love them

• Research based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that emphasizes and facilitates adult involvement

• Kids learn by engaging in playful, musically immersive activities


• Ten weekly 45-minute classes teaching a new song collection each season

• New professional recording each session, with new songs, rhythm chants, play-alongs and more - both on CD and         via digital download and streaming

• Beautifully illustrated songbook with family activities to enjoy at home

• Music Together Parent guide booklet for new families

• Quarterly e-newsletter and access to music, videos and fun activities on the Family Music Zone

Music together is awesome! Miss Jenn is great at getting everyone dancing and singing-together! The kids learn so much from watching the others kids and grown-ups...Great location in downtown Franklin

We love Music Together classes with Jenn! She really gets everyone engaged and the kids have a blast. It is no stress, dancing around the room fun! Also, she sings loud enough to drown out our parent singing voices, which is great! :) Looking forward to Spring session!

Caelyn is typically quiet and observant in class, but she is active and happy and such fun at home!  I love seeing her dance to our Music Together Cds & hearing her imitate the sounds!


Jenn B,  Music Together Parent

Olivia H, Music Together Parent

Courtney B, Music Together Parent

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